Rose Dentistry clinic

isfahan Rose Dentistry clinic

Rose dental was established to meet the medical needs of our dear people. Isfahan Rose Dental Clinic Located at Rose Hospital in Keshavarz Boulevard. Rose provides all of the dental services, including pediatric dentistry. The clinic also provides medical tourism services.

rose dental address
rose dental address

Why Rose Dental Clinic ?

Below are some of the features of the clinic, which has made the Rose Clinic a health center for dear fellow countrymen and guests from foreign countries (medical tourism).

Professional and experienced physicians

Doctors at rose Clinic are among the most experienced physicians in the country who have been brought together to improve the health of the country.

Quality consumables

Consumables The Rose Clinic is one of the best quality dentistry products in the world.

New dental equipment

Dental Clinic Equipment is  the best dental equipment that produced in advanced countries that is used by professional physicians.

Dedicated medical staff

The rose Hospital has one of the most famous medical teams in the country that Their goal is Have a healthy community that has made the rose Hospital become an international hospital.

medical tourism

One of the special features of Rose clinic is the medical tourism facility of this clinic that has turned Rose Hospital into an international health center.

Very positive comments from customers

Another positive point of the Rose Center was the very positive feedback from the clients who had complete satisfaction with all the Therapeutic processes in the clinic….

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Provide all dental services

Rose Dental Clinic provides all dental services for relaxation and ease of treatment.



If you would like to have a beautifully groomed teeth, use the rose dentistry orthodontics service. We are at your service using the new orthodontic methods with a much more suitable function.

ترمیم دندان

Tooth Restoration

Tooth restoration and tooth filling by professional specialists with the best possible quality. It is advisable to have your rotten teeth checked by our professional physicians, so if they need to be restored, treat them as soon as possible so that they can prevent tooth decay and nerve damage.

دندان مصنوعی


Dentistry Clinic Rose is ready to provide a variety of dental services, including dentures. Using the best material available on the market, we are proud to produce the best quality dentures.

عصب کشی

root canal

A variety of tooth decay services with the most advanced devices in the world. Our dental specialists, with their expertise and high skills, will ensure the health of your teeth.

طرح لبخند و زیبایی

Smile and beauty plan

Beautiful smile on your lips. Smile and beauty design by the best experts and most equipped devices. Using toothbrush services, you’ll have white, beautiful, and brilliant teeth.


If you need dental implant services, contact Rose International Clinic. Our specialists are ready to serve the patients who need implants

پروتز دندان


Manufacturing of prosthetics with the best raw materials. Rose is a provider of denture prosthetics. Prosthodontics in addition to compensating lost teeth will also enhance the beauty of your teeth.

دندانپزشکی کودکان

Pediatric Dentistry

If your children are afraid of dentistry, if you are looking for a relaxed and stress-free environment for your children’s health,Use Rose Clinic’s Pediatric Dental Services.Pediatric Dentistry includes a suite of professional services for your children